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Bourne Ultimatum

It would be an understatement to say i like the Bourne movies.  I’m not a Moby fan but I even like the song he does on the soundtrack for all 3.  The films have redefined what I enjoy in a movie and I’m sad to say that many action films I’ve seen since the Bourne series just don’t cut it for me any more.  We’ve just had a summer of huge blockbuster films and through most of them I found that I just wasn’t that impressed even though I enjoyed the prequels immensely.

I'm sort of disappointed the series is over but at the same time I'm glad the series ended on such a high and I really don’t want them to make another and risk spoiling things.  I watched the first two on Saturday so that It would be fresh in my mind and I could compare and I closely rate the 3 together, I don’t think there was a weak one amongst the three.

If I had one complaint it would be that the photography has got progressively worse during the series.  The action in the first two films was intense and looked incredible (the fights looked realistic and gritty).  Unfortunately in ultimatum it looks like the camera man is the one being punched in the guts during the action scenes which makes it hard to see whats going on.  When directors talk about putting the audience in with the action I’d like to grab hold of them and say “hey I want to watch from a safe distance.  At least that way I may get to see what’s going on”.
Shaky camera aside it was a great film, very worthy end to the series and I really liked the way the timeline of this film merged slightly with the second to give a good effect and paint a different picture of the events.

Hopefully the Bourne series will continue to influence films (I attribute Bourne with breathing stunning new life in to the bond franchise which died painfully when Die another day was released) and produce more decent character driven action films instead of the over the top special effects action hero laden stuff that Hollywood has been churning out for a while now.

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